Fast delivery via Bulgaria to all Europea
We deliver our walnut trees to all European countries from our Bulgaria store quickly through our Bulgarian branch.
We produce the most fruitful walnut varieties for your garden.
We produce late flowering and high fruitful Chandler, Fernor and their pollinizers Franquette and Fernette varieties.
We make production in 50 hectare area.
We produce 500.000 pieces of bare root garfted walnut trees each year.
We make all our production with the agricultural engineers which are experts at walnut sapling.
Our engineers and ministry of engineers check all our production and when they finish all check, They give certificate to our trees.
We use summer patch budding technique When We graft our saplings.
This grafting method is the best grafting method for walnut tree in the World.
We export our saplings to 25 countries each year
We send our trees to mainly European continents, Asia and Africa continents.

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Dogus Nursery – Walnut trees Doğuş Nursery has been producing quality walnut trees since 1990 for the agricultural market in Turkey and abroad. Since the day we have started producing summer budded walnut trees, our main concern has always been the quality. Quality is the result of following strict rules and close monitoring at each stage of the production cycle. Quality for our products means healthy tree and roots, being true to the name and being certified. Our customers both in Turkey and in 25 countries we export are the real witnesses of our quality.

If you are interested in our walnut trees we look forward to hearing from you. We invite you to visit us and you are always welcome to contact us!

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We Export Our Walnut Trees All Over The World

As Doğuş Nursery, we export Hundreds of thousands of walnut trees from Turkey to the whole world every year. Our export point, which has reached 25 countries as of 2023, continues to increase every year.

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We produce healty, qualified and high productive varieties for our customers with our 25 years experience. We use summer patch budding technique which is the best grafting technique for the walnut tree in our production.

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