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Doğuş Fidancılık was established as a family nursery in 1990 with the aim of producing bareroot grafted walnut saplings. From that day on, we have always acquired our grafting and budding materials from related government institutions and certified saplings which were produced by the Ministry of Agriculture.

Doğuş Fidancılık has been following new varieties and new trends. Today, in addition to Turkish varieties, we concentrated more on producing heavy bearing, lateral fruiting, late flowering varieties like Chandler and Fernor and their pollenizers Franquette and Fernette.

Since 1990, we had 50 hectar of open land for the production of bareroot summer budded walnut saplings and 5.000 m2 of greenhouse for potted walnut and almond saplings production. Currently, we stopped the production of potted walnut and almond saplings and concentrated fully on the production of bareroot walnut saplings in a 20ha open land. Additionally, we have a mother stock plot that is registered to the Ministry of Agriculture for the production of walnut saplings with blue certificates.

With its high quality saplings, Doğuş Fidancılık is always with its customers all around Turkey and abroad. Since our first export in 2007, we always had positive feedback from our foreign customers and our export volume and the number of countries we export is increasing each year.


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